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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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there was a fire and explosion, then, more than a dozen fire trucks showed up here. one employe suffered burns to the face. a second had minor burns to the hands. >> fire was contained to the area of origin. chemicals are still inside of the room. there is no danger to the public. explosion did blow out windows in the lab. >> this is not the first time they have been to this location there was a flash fire back in may, injuring one um plowy. because of that, cal osha officials as well as san mateo county district attorney have investigators here looking at the situation to see if there is a problem here and to see
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recommendations had to be made >> a transgender teenager in the east bay struggles at school are leading to new bullying policies tonight facing charges for a fight. herbing yeel yule ease student is ped pet yigsing the district attorney to drop a misdemeanor battery charge for this fight. giter yez of the harassment led up to it. >> i don't understand why the district attorney would prosecute someone who is already been a victim of bullying. i think it's a further victimization of someone who has been a target. >> strong reaction to an assault in los gatos that may be related to the knock out game. we told
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you about this attack last night. the victim was dropping off her daughter when she was sucker punched >> i have gals that have tasers. >> i think pepper spray is maybe a good idea i think it's safer to walk in pairs, if you can. >> the suspect described as african american man, 59 to 6 feet tall, early to mid-20s slender wearing a wheat tee shirt, blue jeans and a white baseball cap. >> there is a specific group of people, pedestrians in danger of becoming victims of traffic accidents. vic lee is live toechl plain. vic? >> in just a little while, the
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commander of the traffic division will be briefing on the rash of fatalities. abc7 news learn there'd is a group that seems to be more vulnerable to the accidents. the mayor and the police want to reach out to them. >> anguished cries of the mother of the 6-year-old who died when hit by a car new year's eve. she was struck along with her son on the crosswalk. it was a terrible year for pedestrian fatalities the mayor says more needs to be done to reduce the accidents. >> i have got no less than three proposals i'm reviewing this afternoon with the police chief and fire chief. campaigns we can do now. >> in 2012, 16 people died. last
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year, 21 fatales. >> we had seven fatalities in just a month of december. >> the police commander tells us most were asian immigrants. many, elderly. aly. says victims from asia may have been confused by a traffic system. >> i've been told traffic patterns there flow differently than the grid-type patterns that we have here. people may be accustomed to a different type of traffic pattern >> both say there needs to be more bilingual campaigns district attorney gascone says not only drivers but pedestrians need to be more cautious. >> when you come up again it's a vehicle that weighs minimum 2000 pounds. you're never going fliebt end of the outcome here >> that happened just yesterday.
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vic lee abc7 news. >> a chase involving chp and oakland police this afternoon the suspect seen here was injured after crashing into a truck is a police car. no one else was hurt. the chase began when a car was spotted before 2:00 the suspect stopped off an officer maneuvered into the vehicle. the man is now in custody. >> family and friends of a man shot to death? n.june refuse to give up a hunt for the killers. there is new information and a lack at the vehicle police say the gunman and accomplice used. >> maria is leading the push to
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find a gunman who took the live of her son last june. >> ask sit fair for these people to continue roaming the streets looking for a next victim? >> he was an hour away from his 23 ready birthday after being shot and killed after a minor fender bender. today, police, family and friends released a picture of the suspect vehicle at the spot where the 22-year-old was guned down. >> this portion has to be he leased >> investigators believe it may be enough to generate leads. >> it's difficult for the make and nottel we know it's a mid-sized car.
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four door, silver. >> police say two male suspects confronted him, one fired a shot that killed him. >> he did the right thing, pulling his car over to the side of the road oochl his image will appear throughout the city. the reward raised to $100,000 tow, police have established a special account for anonymous tips at help iya. >> this was a tough day for students in a mid excel school. teachers and students said goodbye to lee wedgersbuy, shot to death new year's eve. students were shaken at this morning's memorial they
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up. >> it's been named a lee weathersby the third memorial chair. >> fitting tribute. alliance academy will name an award for graduating 8th graders the 13-year-old was shot as he walked home on tuesday no one has been arrested for the murder. >> the man accused of kidnapping an antioch girl made a court appearance. david allen douglas admitted to abducting the 7-year-old. dug dowing las says taking the child was arranged as part of a government conspiracy against him, he's being represented by a public defender. arraignment was continued today he will be back in court on next
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wednesday. >> startling details about the murder of a catholic priest. father freed was found dead must year's day. now, according to an affidavit, the killer tried to blow up the rectory by turning on a gas stove and leaving a cigar behind. his body was found soaked in liquor and wrapped in bed clothes the 44-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder, arson and torture. >> three more deaths from the flu being reported tonight in the bay area. health officials tell abc7 news two marin county residents died from the flu. another person died in san mateo county. three other bay area residents have died this flu
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season. regional medical center set up a flu tent. officials tell abc7 news it will be used as overflow. >> we're starting to see more cases of the same h1n1 strain that we saw back in 2009. you know it toendz affect kids and younger adults more predominantly than older folks. it's one of the strains in the flu shot this year. >> doctors say if you've had the blue flu you get should still get a flu shot. >> still ahead a local official spent more time tweeting than doing her job. tonight that is about to change. >> i'm spencer christian. clouds moving through the bay area now.
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cancer screenings, and more. it's a big list, and it's all free. so don't wait. without insurance, even a small medical issue can cost you big. call 800-787-9159, or go to, and get covered. a city clerk is in trouble for not doing her job, she has
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not produced minutes for town meetings. officials say she wasn't handling note taking she was busy on her twitter account. laura anthony is live with the story. >> reporter: pleasant hill city clerk is an elected position meaning city staff cannot order that person to do anything. they can just request it. but some want to put a measure on the ballot in november that would turn this elected position into an appointed one. >> reality is that i'm going to keep chipping away at the minutes and they'll be done as soon as possible. >> the city clerk says she got the message. >> hard for me as a council member to look at and understand history of what we did. >> it came loud and clear from the mayor and city council after a year on the job, she needs to start producing minutes. perhaps
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rather than tweeting during meetings. >> i do think it's a better use during the meeting to be on twitter because there is a very small slice of our 33,000 people that live in pleasant hill that are able or willing to make it out to those meetings. >> according to a city ordinance, job one for the city clerk to quote keep accurate recordings of proceedings of the city council. she failed to produce minutes from aor's worth of meetings. >> personally i take issue with tweeting during public meetings i think the city clerk more properly should devote energies to paying attention to the meeting. and taking those minutes >> city staff did try to get her to produce minutes, offering her training. but in a comment tote by area news group she says, quote, i didn't run for the job to be a stenographer. i ran for the job because i do believe in government transparency i want to make a product that is
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useful she's a prolific tweeter, something she does to her followers. >> if people look back, i only tweet about things that are relevant to my job position, city business, what's happening in the meeting voting rights, elections local news, etc. >> she says she finished a quarter of the past year's missing minutes and she told us she'll makeup the rest in weeks still to come. in pleasant hill, abc7 news. >> a new wave of outrage tonight after phone transcripts from the san francisco sheriff's department are released involving the case of lynn spalding. spalding was a patient at san francisco general hospital that went missing and found dead more than two weeks later in a hospital stairwell. sheriff deputy are in charge of hospital security. the sheriff admits mist wraks were made now, phone transcripts shed new light on the errors a deputy is heard saying quote,
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we did the missing persons report but didn't search the hospital at this point. our sargeant ordered a couple guys to start doing searches of the grounds and he let them make the decision where. nobody check that had stairwell, end quote the family has been critical of the handling of the case and hired an attorney. >> in the meantime california kept department of services admitting the agency failed in the mission to protect residents of a senior care facility shut down in october, revoking the license of valley springs manor after a number of violations. 14 left inside after the state ordered it's closure. the investigation revealed it was an error in judgment to allow valley springs to function several more days. owe we saw
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sprinkles. >> yes. >> so dry, so long we get worked up about it. so let's take a look at the clouds around now. they'll probably thicken during overnight hours. we have more to our north moving into the direction. there is some precipitation on the east bay will being west, a current temperature readings 52 in oakland. another live view looking along embarcadero, here at abc7 partly cloudy skies it's 54 in santa rosa. low to mid-50s novato. one more live view, san
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francisco international airport, seeing clouds in the sky there. these fblth features we'll see areas of drizzle into morning hours. there is a chance of rain saturday. will be warmer next week which means much drier next week. a weak frontal system early in the morning. saturday, that may bring rainfall. 11:00 tonight weak front will sweep through. we'll see areas of drizzle. some wet pavement. next front sweeps lieu and we're left with sunny skies and mild conditions. next front approaches saturday. this
6:20 pm
contains more moisture and precipitation from this will be more wide spread than overnight tonight. so there is a chance of rain from this system, things getting wetter and probably arriving late saturday afternoon. overnight tonight with our little spotty drizzle, lingering clouds and low temperatures into mid to upper owe 40s. chillier in north bay valleys tomorrow afternoon, looking for sunny skies ask lingering clouds in the south bay. similar range on the peninsula. 50s on the coast. north bay highs low 60s to napa. and same range of highs into inland east bay. after our spritz and sprinkle, dry weather
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on friday. another chance of rain on saturday. then, we get into another dry, mild pattern into next week. high temperatures approaching 07 degrees. >> it's dry again. >> yes. very strange. >> thank you. >> yes. >> still coming up tonight new option for a select group of commuters. commuters. >> a way to get across th oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter.
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a macy's said it will layoff 2500 people by closing five stores. maceo's expects to save $100 million a year. today raising its profit outlook. a monthly report shows private sector employers add added 238,000 jobs last month. telecommunications sector drove the dow to a 68-point loss. >> first there are google buses now, an enterprising new service, google ferries. the trial service started on monday.
6:25 pm
there is space for 150 employees and have the blessing of the port of san francisco. >> we've seen a fair amount of people boarding. >> company agreed to pay san francisco $100,000 so shuttles can use muni bus stops. google saying the company doesn't want to cause inconveniences and are trying alternative ways to get googlers to work. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 a new look at the depth of the drought we're pacing. tonight the measures being taken by locals who have been hit hard. >> tonight the big freeze, worst appears over but going to be a while before the country thaws out. >>
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at good evening, we'll begin with a lack of rain, becoming so
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severe mendocino county declared a state of emergency. tonight water agencies in the north bay launched a campaign asking people to conserve. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is in northern marin tonight. >> reporter: don doesn't have a luxury of dealing with what ought to be, not with thirsty cows this could put a damper in his business if you think it only impacts don, listen to water officials >> it's been a record dry year. >> nine county agencies began a water conservation campaign today oochl message is drought
6:30 pm
is on. turn your water off. >> some residents say they have. >> you can shorten showers. you cannot wash the car or leave the water running from you brush teeth. >> experts comparing these to the drought years of 1976 and 1977. that is when bought this property. his experience this year is worse. >> this is worse we have had early rain. this year we had nothing. >> only worry, in sonoma county, abc7 news >> conditions around the country are improving. the big freeze about to thaw out. a warm up is on the way sheets of ice on the hudson river could be seen for miles.
6:31 pm
and take a look at this tropicana casino. you can see giant ice hanging off the side of the buildings. terminals are getting back to normal. 800 flights cancelled today. red cross calling on blood don dwrorz come forward. 300 blood drives had to be cancelled because of the weather. they need platelet donors. local red cross centers are stemming their hours. there is a list we have on abc # usda shut town a foster farms chicken plant because of a cockroach
6:32 pm
infestation. a representative says the close you're will be temporary. the plant was threatened with a shut down following a salmonella out yaek. >> tesoro refinery agreed to pay to settle air quality violations. covering 35 violations over a three-year period. nine of them related to power failures that knocked the plant off line in 2010. two involved a fire that broke out on a hazardous materials tank. >> new jersey governor promising to hold staff responsible for a case of political pay bavenlth he says he knew nothing about a decision to close two lanes leading to the george washington
6:33 pm
bridge. e mails say they engineered closure today the governor call that had inappropriate and said staffers will be held responsible. >> the white house pushing back against a new memoir by poermer dpeens secretary robert gates abc news has more from washington on the book that has people talking. >> today president obama and vice president biden had lunch together at the white house. it's a weekly thing but today the press was allowed in for a rare and quick peek. >> we endeavor to provide better access where we can. >> sure, or an intent by the obama white house to show support for the vice president in the wake of a bomb shell book?
6:34 pm
robert investigates gates about to publish a blunt, candid memoir, lobbing criticisms at the president, his team and congress, but the most harsh words at vice president biden. gates called himselves a republican called him a man of integrity but said he was quote, wrong on every national security and foreign policy issue over four decades white house today defended biden. >> he's been excellent counselor to the president. >> we learn in the book that gates had question btz president when it came to the war in afghanistan. i thought the president doesn't trust his commander and doesn't believe in his own strategy. gates is critical of the vice president, he had praise for hillary clinton. i found her smart. but pragmatic. fun yeechl a valuable colleague and a superb
6:35 pm
representative of the united states. that has political watchers intrigued when it comes to a potential biden-clinton showdown in 2016 primaries. >> president obama hosting a series of meetings this week as he decides whether to change the government's controversial spying program the meeting was lawmakers, privacy advocates and officials come in the wake of revelations by former nsa contractor edward snow den. documents reveal collecting phone and internet records of millions. state senators have introduced a sweeping bill banning actions from cooperating with the nsa. >> we've just telling california officials to not help when i'll vating lights. >> a presidential review board
6:36 pm
proposed restrictions on the program. >> so what would you do with an extra $3 billion? >> some lawmakers say they have >> some lawmakers say they have a good jennie-o w where every a where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought wsurprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you.
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california expected to have a budget surplus by some estimates as much as $3.2 billion. >> one lawmaker proposing spending that on funding transitional kindergarten for children who missed the cutoff because they turn five after september. >> this is the second year some school districts offered transitional kindergarten. this school has expanded its program, here is how it works. for this school year, if a child turns five after october 1st, he or she would not be allowed to attend kindergarten. instead they'd have option to go to transitional kindergarten. next year, that date moves to
6:40 pm
september 1st. >> when entering kinder garden they'll have down the basic language arts. >> now, lawmakers have introduced a bill requiring all school districts in california to offer tk to every child by 2020. >> state superintendent says without a solid educational foundation a child is four times more lakely to drop out of high school. >> with month more high school dropouts, more young people getting into gangs, drugs and jail. >> the senate president protem asking for $100 million to fund for the first year. as the program expands, steinberg estimates it would add $one bill rin to the state general fund.
6:41 pm
for now, coming with the projected surplus money. >> we are committed to paying down debt and to putting money in a rainy day fund. >> in state offered universal tk. california could be the first. abc7 news. >> coming up michael finney with a follow up report.
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a popular ride sharing service called lift is no longer let passengers set their own price. >> michael finney is is here had you with the latest >> the company did suggest the donation. passengers could pay less and drivers could refuse to pick up those they considered
6:45 pm
under paying. now, there is a big >> the cars are unmistakable. >> you tap the app then request a ride. >> karen liked how to use her smart phone. >> it's good because i was able to pay them what i think they deserved. >> after each ride a suggested donation popped up on the phone. karen sometimes paid a little less but she said drivers stopped picking her up. >> every time we went to the app it said no drivers available. >> she saw this in thes on an old receipt saying low donations may make it hard for to you get rides in the future. lift told seven on your side drivers can screen passengers with a history of low payment. karen says that
6:46 pm
meant volume teary donations weren't really volume larry. now lift is acknowledging that. replacing optional payments with concrete prices. and in an e mail, lift said we're transitioning from donations to regular payments in california providing piece of mind to drivers and more transparency to passengers. a lift spokesperson did not respond to our request or provide a statement, however, telling customers it will calculate based on rates of $1.90 per mile, $0.40 per minute and a $2.50 pick up fee and $one for insurance by contrast, can fran taxis charged $2.75 per mile, $0.55 for a minute they are stuck in traffic or waiting. there is also a $3.50 fee at pick up. but there is another change. the
6:47 pm
company will now add a prime time tip at peak hours starting at 25% and go up depending on demand. lift told customers it will happen when passengers requesting rides outnumber drivers on the road. passengers will see a clear notification showing percent tip before confirming a request. on new year's eve, the company added a $19 tip for a four-mile trip. karen says she prefers fixed prices. >> i'd rather have a cup up front and tell me you know a set rate. >> the state public utilities commission ruled the ride shares do not need to be regulated by taxis and limousines and can
6:48 pm
operate as networking companies and set their own rates. now, the association is appealing that ruling. >> thank you. >> well, so much of the country is below freezing we're getting ready to push 70 degrees. >> it's unbelievable. >> spencer is back. >> very little rain. we have clouds moving down from the north that may bring us sprinkles overnight. things are normalizing tomorrow, high temperatures state will be dry. high temperatures low 60s inland. and high -- i neglected to put the
6:49 pm
seven-day forecast in there. i can tell you that we'll get another chance of rain saturday. it's going to be measurable rain. and then, after that, sunny skies and dry on into next week. >> that blip of rain it? >> yes. >> thank you. >> now turning our attention to niners. >> yes. interest there is hype coming to this game. >> yes. 30% chance. >> two of athletes former
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good evening, warriors trying to make history tonight in brooklyn at the end of a long road trip going for a franchise tieing 11th straight win in what would be the first ever 7-0 road trip. 25-12, early. this would be the definition of with
6:53 pm
authority. but warriors up 15 early. a bank shot, net by seven. third quarter. how does that go in? and right now, it is 96-93, nets. right now a big strong pass rocket arms sounds like collin thumps in the pro career, some questioned his maturity and leadership this, season guiding to a division title. >> respecting careers up until
6:54 pm
that point z now, he's an unbelievable player. like i say again i'm not preparing for collin kaepernick. what he does will not mick me different. if he does skoeshgs very to respond. >> raiders owner mark davis confirmed coach allen will return next season. there had been questions and in comments made to the media partners davis confirmed he met with allen two and a half hours last night. raiders will have an nfl record $60 million in space to spent. that potential sticking point of contracts has been resolved. they will get only a year extension. johnny won the heisman as a freshman the guy broke all kinds of records. there are a lot of questions about whether he can
6:55 pm
survive in the nfl run like like he did in ledge but is going to be a top ten pick. >> interesting sill sxrer black. abaseball hall of fame has three new members including frank thomas. 2006 was a huge season, 39 homers. he says anyone linked to steroids should not allowed in the fall of fame. you need 75% and two time winner were locked at the top. slugger lost ground from a year
6:56 pm
ago, receiving just 34% of the vote. apparently committed to keeping out everybody. roger clemens is in the same boat along with bonds. jeff kent only 15%. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you >> secret lives of fish. what scientists have discover that had is mostly invisible to it. >> and then, 11:00 what one hospital is doing to prepare. >> tonight here on abc7 it's the middle. super fun night. modern family and another episode of super fun night. then, late news
6:57 pm
at 11:00 >> you can see it on our smart phone or computer. go to watch >> that is this edition of abc7 news bay area. thanks for watching. >> from the entire abc7 news team, have a good night.
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